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  The Princess Of The Po

The family history began in the 40s when, then fisherman, Vicenzino Schiavi, head of the Schiavi family, started to accompany small groups of hunters to the hunting cabins situated within the estuary.

The first trips he made were with his vessel “ batana Angelina”, a boat typical of this area , later trips were made with “ Stella”, a different type of vessel used to gather reeds and referred to in the local dialect as a “ batlincin da tai” ( small cutting boat). Vicenzino Schiavi's life on the estuary canals continued until in the 1980s when he decided to involve his children in his dream to run a motorcruise. The following family years were spent aboard the boat “ Smeraldo”.

His son Luigi Schiavi became the young captain despite his training and specialisation as a surveyor. In fact Luigi had always spent as much of his free tima as possible on his father's boats and over the years he has acquired experience and knowledge of both river and sea navigation having also spent a few years aboard fishing boats. And so the river cruises began.

The tourists were accompanied around the beautiful Po Estuary but also had the chance to dine and taste the local delicacies prepared by Mrs Maria Schiavi and her daughters, Clara, Rita and Simona. The meals were served on the Isola dell' Amore ( Island of Love) which is situated at the mouth of the main branch of the river. The passengers left the boat and sat down to eat in a typical fishing hut built with reeds.

Oltre alla navigazione nelle acque interne del delta del Po, questa motonave, veloce e sicura, affronta diversi percorsi: dal mare giunge fino alla meravigliosa città di Venezia e alle sue isole (Murano, Burano, Torcello), fino ad arrivare a Chioggia, costeggiando il litorale del Lido, Malamocco, Alberoni, San Piero e Pellestrina.
Navigando verso il sud del mare Adriatico la “Principessa II”,costeggiando la riviera ferrarese e romagnola, ci porta fino a Rimini, dove si può assistere allo spettacolo dei delfini all’interno del delfinario.

The business went well
and so the family decided to offer cruises with onboard meals. To do so they had to invest in a new motorcruiser the “ Principessa”. So whilst Vincenzino captained the Smeraldo offering tourists trips and sport fishing, the Principessa became the true Princess of the PO.

The family's efforts
were gradually rewarded over the years and now there is an impressive flow of tourists that come from all over Italy and abroad to enjoy the natural colours and sounds of the Po river Estuary. In 1994 Vincenzino reached retirement age and an important decision was made. The two motor boats were sold on and the, elegant and comfortable Principessa II was launched.

This safe and fast boat not only cruises within the Po estuary but offers trips as far as the wonderful city of Venice and its islands ( Murano, Burano, Torcello), to Chioggia and along the Venetian coastline to Malmocco, Alberini, San Piero and Pellestrina.

Cruising towards the southern Adriatic the Principessa II passes the Ferrarese and Romagnole coastlines as far as Rimini where visitors have the chance to see wonderful dolphin show at the dolphinarium.

At the end of every cruise a lunch is served aboard. The first course is a warm dish of mussels and clams, then there is pasta with clams, eel risotto and a dish of polenta served with cuttlefish, followed by mixed fried fish and to finish, focaccia Principessa ( the cooks speciality!). The meal is served with wine and water.

Our company guarantees the quality of the products served. We also farm mussels in lagoon and sea cultivations.The fish are caught with drag nets and permanent nets.

Today the Principessa II is part of a fleet including the motor fishing boat “ La Rossa ”. It is captained by Luigi's son, Matteo, who attended a school for Marine studies on Venice. This boat has all the facilities for Fishing Tourism and shows passengers the true life of a fishing boat and its crew.

Vicenzino Schiavi continues to fish in the canals of Goro estuary aboard a small fishing vessel using traditional fishing tackle and fish traps, the types of net needed to catch fish such as eels, shrimps,sandsmelts and flatfish. For all the above reasons we invite you to spend a day aboard one of our vessels anchored in Gorino harbour from the spring to the autumn. The colours, animals and noises that you can see and hear are governed by the different seasons. This is a good reason for our passengers to do more than one excursion. The trips are guided by Captain Luigi who from the control deck explains the route and the animals that come into view.

We hope that you have enjoyed this brief introduction to our company and to the offers we have. We very much look forward to meeting you aboard the “ Principessa II” or the “ La Rossa ”.

For information and booking contact Simona who will be happy to organise your arrivals and departures.
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