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  Mini River Cruises

The Principessa motorcruiser runs mini river cruises with guided trips within the Po Delta National park for:

:: Individuals :: Groups :: Schools

Consult our TRIP ITINERARIES and contact us for further information.

During the months of July and August we organise day trips on request to the following:

MESOLA – Delizia Estense Castle
CHIOGGIA – Venice in miniature
VENEZIA –A city of islands and bays

Group trips are organised to Venice in event of the FESTA DEL RENDENTORE (the Feast of the Redeemer), the third Saturday in July.

The Feast of the Redeemer

Every year the festival F esta del Redentore takes place in memory of the Great Plague that swept Europe at the end of the 16th century.
At that time pestilence was regarded as a sort of divine punishment and it was because of this belief that the Venetians decided to make a solemn oath to evoke the end of the Plague and thus save their city.

It was for this reason that Andrea Palladio created the Tempio Redentore Project on the island of Giudecca.

Every year, on the third Sunday of July for the last 400 years, Venice celebrates of the Feast of the Redeemer and the Doge's announcement that heralded the end of the Plague.

The festival is celebrated in Piazzas and small squares throughout Venice and culminates in an amazing fireworks display.

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