Motonave Delta Po Escursioni in motonave Parco Delta Po Comacchio
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  Welcome aboard!

The Principessa motorcruiser is a safe and comfortable vessel created for exciting River Cruises around the beatiful Po Delta estuary.

The Principessa motorcruiser has:
» a 300 passenger capacity
» a crew of 3 expert navigators
» has disabled facilities

On board you will find a bar, restaurant and hygiene facilities.
The motor cruiser has a bar service for breakfasts and snacks and has a kitchen equipped to serve 160 meals.

There is a seating seating for the passengers to sit and admire and photograph the amazing colours and sights of the PO Delta Estuary.

The motor cruiser respects the environment.
On board electricity is supplied by solar panels and is insured by
Universo Ag. di Mesola (Fe) Via Mazzini, 39 Tel. 0533-99.39.26 fax 0533-99.01.56

The Principessa organises mini river cruises around the PO Delta Estuary.

The Mini cruises around the Po Delta are held from February to November departing from GORINO FERRARESE, boarding times are at 9am-11am-1pm-3pm- 5pm ( booking is advisable).

Choose your guided itinerary to discover the natural sights of the Po Delta park and don't miss the chance to enjoy a Fish meal served on board .
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