Motonave Delta Po Escursioni in motonave Parco Delta Po Comacchio
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  The Po Delta Excursion

The Po Delta park is an enchanting landscape of estuaries and plains. This unique, uncontaminated landscape can be explored, in comfort, on a mini river cruise aboard the Principessa motorcruiser.

The river Po collects almost all the water flowing from the rivers in Northern Italy and the slow sedimentation has created the PO Delta Park. Man's wise intervention over the centuries has altered these flows helping the river Po itself to do its work. What is the known as the delta triangle today was once totally immersed in water. Over the centuries the frequent floods and slow erosion of the lagoon by the Po has been a constant worry to the Republic of Venice and so man has since fought to control the waters of this, the biggest river in Italy.

The Po Delta is constantly undergoing natural changes. It is an area where different habitats evolve side by side due to the different water depths and salinity : the dunes and the river, the woods and the reed marshes, the fresh water plains and the slat lagoons, the tidal banks and the strips of land covered with saltwort.
The traffic, noises and bustle of everyday life is easily forgotten when travelling the often empty country roads that run across this territory.
The Po Delta park is an enchanting place to visit. The many colours and shades of this extraordinary area leaves the visitor with contrasting memories of splendid sun and veiling fog. It's ever changing atmostphere and views are a relaxing answer to man's daily search for a balance with Nature.

Cruising slowly and comfortably aboard the Principessa you will be able to admire the rich flora and fauna of the wetlands; reed thickets and bullrushes that are home to numerous species of birds.Indeed the Birdwatching in this area attracts visitors from all over Europe to see black winged stilts, ducks, flacons, red, white and grey herons and many other birds that populate the Po Delta

You will not only be able to experience a motor boat trip within the PO Delta but also have a chance to taste the gastronomic delights that this area has to offer.
The guided tours reach as far as where the River flows into the Adriatic Sea. These trips are particulary suggestive and there is the chance of experiencing some breathtaking sunsets.
The trips take place within the wetlands from February to November giving the visitor the chance to enjoy the surroundings in any season and also the opportunity to taste the seasonal delicacies on offer.

The Principessa organises trips for INDIVIDUALS, GROUPS and SCHOOL TRIPS around the PO Delta Park.

Contact us for information on our trips for: Travel Agencies, School Trips, Associations, General Tourism, Clubs, Companies and weekend mini cruises.

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